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Best Laid Plans…..

Well, we all have our moments!

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So, it’s as well there is a problem solver in the house!

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Christmas Day Lunch in Burt’s Hotel, Melrose

After two days in heavy wind and rain at Gibson Park Caravan Club Site in Melrose, Christmas Day was a perfect day; blue skies, sunny and dry.

Christmas Lunch with our good friends, Helen and Bill Langdon, was a fabulous feast!


We had reservations at Burt’s Hotel and started proceedings with champagne, as you do!

The Christmas Lunch Menu  (click to download as pdf) was very tempting, making a choice difficult for each one of the four courses.

The meal was delicious, the staff very friendly and the service excellent (extremely efficient though perhaps a little rushed - we’d have liked a little pause between courses, especially dessert).

This is the third year we have spent Christmas in Melrose in our motorhome, each time enjoying Christmas Day Lunch in either the Townhouse or its sister hotel Burt’s.

For those looking for mass fine dining, this is the place to come. We heartily recommend both the Townhouse Hotel and Burt’s Hotel.

Melrose in Bixie for Christmas

We are spending Christmas in the motorhome at Gibson Park Caravan Club Site in Melrose. Margaret, the dogs, Magan & Maya, and myself arrived at 1pm today in heavy rain; but the weather forecast Christmas Day & Boxing Day is looking better.

This is the 3rd year we have come here for the festivities; the highlight is Christmas lunch at the Townhouse Hotel - though this year it is Burts Hotel (a sister hotel) - in Melrose town centre - just a few hundred yards away from the campsite.

Our friends Helen & Bill Langdon have joined us this year in their caravan.

Quite a contrast to Cancun!

Cancun, here we come!

Margaret and I are sitting in the BA Executive Lounge at Gatwick awaiting departure of our flight to Cancun. Two weeks at Le Blanc Spa Resort.

Review of Backlife, a device that eases my Back Problems & aids my Mobility

I have suffered back problems since the age of 15 with surgery in 1964, and spinal fusions in 1989 and 1992, fusing three vertebrae together. Although I continue to have severe pain most of the time and I am prescribed and take heavy duty painkillers every day I have always felt that getting on with things and not letting it beat me works better than feeling sorry for myself and taking time off. Keeping occupied takes my mind off the discomfort to some extent.

That said, poor mobility is an issue. Staying in one position for any length of time is awful - especially when I try to move again! Muscle spasm is also a regular problem for me. However, keeping on the move is something I am prone to forget when focussed on something!

The physiotherapists are right, I think, to keep insisting that I should practise the small movement mobility stretches and exercises they have prescribed but, my goodness, they are mind-numbingly boring! 

So, over the years, I have spent a fortune on special furniture, gadgets and machines to help relieve the stress and pain. None were cures, some have worked to an extent but nothing has really addressed my mobility issue, nor given any lasting relief, perhaps until now.

In January 2013, I noticed an advert for a device that would gently rotate my pelvis and create movement in my lower back that would ease tension in the deep muscle tissue. I decided to give it a try since it had a moneyback guarantee.  It is November now and I still have it. It is called Backlife and it does help to relieve the tension, my mobility and pain levels. I don't think this is a cure but used as the manufacturers suggest it does help a lot.

I got this device online from a company called J D Harris

Looking forward to Cancun

We are looking forward to our two week vacation in Cancun in December; cannot wait!

The Le Blanc Spa Resort is usually No 1 in Cancun on Trip Advisor for all inclusive luxury, and it certainly is with us. 

Breadmaker me!

I used to be the breadwinner until I retired; now I seem to be the bread maker! Another fine mess I've got myself into.

The bread tastes wonderful! though. Nom, Nom!

Diploma in Photography

I am learning how to get the most out of my digital camera, a Sony A580. 

I have had it for several years but always relied on the automated features to get what have been excellent shots. However, I wanted to get a better understanding of how light reaches the digital sensor and the different effects of aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings on the finished image.

To achieve this I have enrolled in the Institute of Photography's Diploma in Photography

This is an online study course for beginners and intermediates which provides a mix of written and practical photographic assignments with a test at the end of each unit. I have found this easy to follow and already I feel I have improved my technique. Be aware, though, that the Diploma is just a Course Certificate, and not from any recognised academic centre.

I enrolled in the course through one of the Amazon Local special deals. At the price I paid, it was a very worthwhile investment.

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