Diploma in Photography

I am learning how to get the most out of my digital camera, a Sony A580. 

I have had it for several years but always relied on the automated features to get what have been excellent shots. However, I wanted to get a better understanding of how light reaches the digital sensor and the different effects of aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings on the finished image.

To achieve this I have enrolled in the Institute of Photography's Diploma in Photography

This is an online study course for beginners and intermediates which provides a mix of written and practical photographic assignments with a test at the end of each unit. I have found this easy to follow and already I feel I have improved my technique. Be aware, though, that the Diploma is just a Course Certificate, and not from any recognised academic centre.

I enrolled in the course through one of the Amazon Local special deals. At the price I paid, it was a very worthwhile investment.

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