Christmas Day Lunch in Burt’s Hotel, Melrose

After two days in heavy wind and rain at Gibson Park Caravan Club Site in Melrose, Christmas Day was a perfect day; blue skies, sunny and dry.

Christmas Lunch with our good friends, Helen and Bill Langdon, was a fabulous feast!


We had reservations at Burt’s Hotel and started proceedings with champagne, as you do!

The Christmas Lunch Menu  (click to download as pdf) was very tempting, making a choice difficult for each one of the four courses.

The meal was delicious, the staff very friendly and the service excellent (extremely efficient though perhaps a little rushed - we’d have liked a little pause between courses, especially dessert).

This is the third year we have spent Christmas in Melrose in our motorhome, each time enjoying Christmas Day Lunch in either the Townhouse or its sister hotel Burt’s.

For those looking for mass fine dining, this is the place to come. We heartily recommend both the Townhouse Hotel and Burt’s Hotel.

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