L'Océan 4 stars France - Poitou-Charentes - La Couarde sur Mer - Ile de Ré;
28th April - 2nd May

MSL 30th April, continued

A wet Sunday afternoon had us plotting our onward travel. Happened on L'ile de Ré - had never heard of it before, but we will certainly be visiting here again - as it seemed the sun was shining there whereas elsewhere within our driveable range was so, so wet. The island claims to have as many hours of sunshine as the South of France, without all the glitz of the Côte d'Azur. Cyclists abound, riding on wide cycle paths around the island, apparently it is the best way to see the island, something HL and myself won't know. The island is 19 miles long and 3 miles wide, so satnav misunderstandings can hardly happen here - well not so far anyway. There are beaches all around; we had a lovely walk along Le Bois Plage this afternoon.

Palm Trees, La Couarde sur Mer

View of palm trees from our pitch

The campsite, L'Ocean, has everything you could want. HL is having a massage at the moment. The whole site is like a wee village with roads, pavements, named Alles - we are in the Alles de la Troquette, No. 203. - so we have an address! There is a take away pizza place, they also do yummy chips, a bar/restaurant, which we have yet to try, a well-stocked grocery store, you could really arrive and be catered for without having to move at all. But the island has a number of towns, which we have yet to see, we ended up in Ars-en (of) Ré yesterday, loved the name of this town (^_^). Found a L'Eclerc supermarché yesterday, now I really believe I am in France.

HL 6th May

I cannot believe it! It's day 27 already! 6th May 2014 Report;


St Martin-sur-Mer

There are 14 villages & towns on I'le de Ré; we managed to drive through a few of the smallest and visit the harbour and centre of St Martin-su-Mer and Le Bois Plage. The best beach was down a narrow road to La Plage du Pris - amazing. M&M were in their element. See our Photos .


La Plage du Pris

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